We want to reclaim our food system so that sustainable, healthy and culturally appropriate food is accessible to everyone in Tower Hamlets and beyond. 

Just FACT is a network of people and projects in Tower Hamlets, coming together to create the building blocks for an alternative food system that is democratic, environmentally sustainable, and people-driven. 


The answer to ‘why any climate action must have justice at its heart’ can be a simple one. We cannot build an economy or society that is truly sustainable and regenerative without it. To transform the way we live and what governs us there has to be justice.  

Action Learning Grants

Just FACT has two types of grants available for new projects. Community Hub Grants will fund learning and action on food and climate issues. Community Lab Grants are for larger scale community-driven projects.


In Tower Hamlets, many people, communities and organisations are responding to local issues in a food system which is in crisis. Just FACT projects are creating and testing new ideas and solutions – from food hubs, community composting, food growing, plastic-free projects, food coops, youth campaigns and more. 

Blueprint Architects 1

Blueprint Architects

Community members and food activists are working with Platform London to research and develop a blueprint for a community-led food system rooted in Tower Hamlets. The blueprint will include our vision for how different parts of the local food system could be transformed with communities in the driving seat, together with recommendations for policy change 

‘’We cannot build an economy or society that is truly sustainable and regenerative without justice. Justice is the route to us bearing witness to where harm has been caused, but it also gives us the tools to build solutions towards a better world for people and the planet.’’

Kennedy Walker, Social Action Facilitator 

“Learning about the breadth and depth of food justice work and organisations in Tower Hamlets and connecting with these organisations has been invaluable. Being a part of this network gives us the confidence to move forward with our plans, knowing that our fresh produce will reach the people that want and need it in an efficient way”

Chrissy, Farmer

ChrissyHarrison2-c-ZoeWarde-Aldam (1)

‘’The best thing about the Architect group is that we can come together as human beings with a common cause. We have the space and freedom to be ourselves, grow and learn from each other. We can face challenges together and be joyous when we find common ground on issues that matter to us and our local community.’’

Shaheda, Food Hub Co-ordinator & Therapeutic Gardener 

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