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What we're looking for

Community Labs grants are a way of applying for larger amounts of funding for community-driven projects that help reduce carbon emissions from our food system.  

Your project will demonstrate that a new system is possible, presenting an alternative to what exists at the moment. Projects could look at any part of the food system – from farming, manufacturing, packaging, transporting, retailing, food preparation, consumption, and how waste is managed. 

Your project might involve new infrastructure, new enterprise, and solutions that have the potential to be replicable and long-term. This could involve creating something new, or building on or expanding something that already exists. 

Projects should meet all of the criteria below: 

  • Help address climate change, with activities that reduce carbon emissions  
  • Help build towards a just transition* for Tower Hamlets 
  • Help create a community-driven food system, involving representation from the local community in developing and delivering the project 
  • Create a way for learnings to be shared beyond the project, with other people and organisations 
  • Have the potential for impact beyond this grant, by exploring solutions that are long lasting / can be expanded upon by you or others 

*Definition of a just transition and other key terms are provided in the grant guidance, along with more explanation and examples of what sort of projects meet these criteria. 

  • Funding size: £10,000-£40,000  
  • Total funding available: £130,000 
  • How many projects will be funded: approx 4-6
  • Applications open:  19th September 2023
  • Application deadline: 1200pm 7th November 2023
  • Duration of projects: 1 year minimum, completed by August 2025 
  • Suitable for: Tower Hamlets focused organisation and groups (who have not yet received a grant) 

Before you apply

We only have a limited amount of funding to award. This means there will be some tough decisions around which projects get funded. There will be lots of projects we cannot fund, even good ones. Please make sure you have read all the grant guidance and criteria before applying.  

If you are unsure if your project is suitable for Community Lab funding, please get in touch. For any enquires please contact [email protected].


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