Meet the Blueprint Architects


I’m a Freelancer Gardener and Cook. I love plants, food, people, environment, animals. I teach the community to look after the environment, learn life skills such as growing fresh veg, fruit, flowers, herbs, trees, and how to cook meals.


I trained as an Early Years Teacher, then later as a community gardener at a local city urban farm. I’m happiest when working with nature, growing food, centered around well-being and positive living.


I’m a London Irish activist and campaigner in food, climate and social justice. I’m also a volunteer at Forest Farm Peace Garden and St Hilda’s Food Co-op. I’m currently working to get food from peri-urban farms to food justice projects.


I’m a GP who has lived and worked in Tower Hamlets for 20 years. I also work with Healing Justice London, exploring what relationships based on support and trust could look like for minoritised communities.


I’m a local resident and mum of one. I was born in Tower Hamlets and have now lived and/or worked here for the past 16 years. I work at Limborough Hub where we grow, cook and eat food with the community.


I’m a Tower Hamlets resident and co-founder of Sunny Jar Eco Hub (SJEH), a social enterprise on a mission to make sustainable living easy and accessible for all.


I live, work and socialise in tower hamlets. I am a community organiser, particularly working with young people to cultivate social justice, often using a creative practice to do this. I also love to cycle, build boats and tell stories.


I am an educator and food grower, primarily supporting children and young people in Tower Hamlets through my roles as Education Manager at Spitalfields City Farm and Mental Health Wellbeing Lead at St Hilda’s East Community Centre.


I’m a volunteer at Cranbrook Community Garden, and I like to grow veg on a raised bed in my back garden.

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I’m a student studying sustainability from a psychological and behavioural perspective, specifically looking at the connection between individual-level sufficiency and degrowth at the system level.


I’m a human who is trying to make the world a better place, sharing my skills with my children so they can make choices that contribute to making the world more sustainable.


I am currently a volunteer at St Hilda’s Co-op and will hopefully be volunteering at the Bow foodbank again next year.


I’m a community organiser, researcher and loyal Tower Hamlets Resident. I am currently producing research on the injustice of the housing and food Systems in Tower Hamlets, am interested in creating new relationships of care and solidarity.


I’m an agroecological food grower/ farmer, and believe that exceptionally well-grown, nutrient-dense, culturally appropriate food should be accessible to everyone.


A local islander with a vocation in community and queer mycology. Loves to decompose capitalism and to grow plants, fungi and feelings. Eager to spread fungal curiosity and engage the fungal lense to build a JustFACT. @livaeco


I’m a Caribbean musician and food justice organiser working for Platform London (as Laurie Mompelat), currently coordinating the Blueprint Architect group.

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