OITIJ-JO Collective wants to bring its knowledge, experience, and creative approach to this project by introducing methods and processes which are in everyday use and are sustainable and ethical for the climate and the food systems and also better for our well-being.

We will engage the local community to explore traditional practices which are vanishing, particularly those of preserving, pickling and fermenting. We will share recipes and cook seasonal healthy food and make new products such as: jams and preserves from the local English community; pickled gherkins and bagels from Jewish migrants; a variety of Chutneys and pickles from the British Bangladeshi community; Injera / Injera bread from Ethiopian and Somali community and Sauerkraut from the Polish community.

The project will bring together the elderly, those with young children, new to the UK and others across Tower Hamlets. OITIJ-JO Kitchen Café is based in St Hilda’s Centre, E2. The project will work with Startup School for Seniors – working with 50+ in Tower Hamlet, Tower Hamlets Women’s Network, E2 Social Prescribing Network.

We are also partnering with City Soil Lab, local food growing project along with OITIJ-JO Kitchen’s own team and wider network in the community.

The products created will be branded and sold to boost local economy, encourage skills development, and job creation amongst local people thus creating wider value of wellbeing and community connection. An Open Day at start the project and at end of the project will show case lessons learnt, recipe history, products, food cooked and more.

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