Aligned with ancestral practices and seeking to restore lost roots to South American identity, this project will create new spaces for the Abya Yalan community to engage with agroecology and ancestral gastronomy. 

We will be sowing, cooking, preparing natural remedies and exploring food preservation. Our workshops will apply principles of experiential popular learning and will be delivered by Somos Semillas Popular Education Institution which is a youth collective  promoting more culturally attuned, sustainable, and equitable food production and consumption patterns within the South American diaspora, while strengthening cultural identity. 

This approach aims to empower individuals and communities through collaborative, reflective and transformative processes to foster a comprehensive understanding of the food system and the need to restore ancestral knowledge to face the challenges it poses, while addressing climate-related issues directly affecting the South America community in Tower of Hamlets.




We will build a community garden, run family harvesting sessions, run sensory cooking workshops and host six community cafe sessions.

We aim for this to reduce isolation for children and families accessing alternative educational provision, producing delicious, culturally appropriate dishes to share with our community. 

Somos Semillas

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