SOURCE is pioneering a circular, zero waste approach to managing our food, waste and energy. It combines advanced waste management with smart urban farming.

This includes

  •  combining small-scale anaerobic digestion and composting to treat unavoidable waste where it’s produced;
  • using the by-products to grow affordable healthy food and tackle food poverty; 
  • reducing food and waste miles to decarbonise food production;
  • creating meaningful green jobs and shortening supply chains to boost local economic resilience.

The project will trial an urban farm on Manorfield Primary School’s rooftop, composting school food waste. It will demonstrate the circular bio-economy in action, engaging students, staff and families with curriculum-linked activities in understanding the relationship between food, climate warming and our impact on the natural world, supporting better food choices and recycling behaviours. 

Our farm to fork approach means food will be harvested when ripe to preserve nutrients and used in the school kitchen, supporting healthier, more tasty meals. Surplus produce sold into local supply chains will make high quality food available at below market prices, so those affected by the cost of living crisis are not forced to depend on cheap processed foods. 

Profits will fund improvements to nearby green spaces, increasing productivity and biodiversity, improving soil health, and supporting food access by creating community orchards and edible forest gardens.

Source is run by MAD LEAP CIC. Follow @leap_mad

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