Taking a participatory approach

Just FACT will use a participatory grant making process that puts decision-making in the hands of the community. This approach aims to shift traditional power relations between funder and grantee. 


Keeping it local

We believe local people are best-placed to understand which projects will have the most impact and what will work for their community. That is why we want community members to help us decide which projects receive Just FACT grants. It’s also a way for people to hear about different approaches people are taking.  


The decision making process

There will be an initial screening process after which successful proposals will enter the decision stage. The decision making process will depend on the type of grant applied for and will either be made through collective voting or through a community led panel.  


How it will work

1)Screening – Proposals from applicants will be screened, using a set of clear priorities, to test their eligibility. This process will be led by Wen (Women’s Environmental Network).

2)Decision making – When a proposal passes this initial test, they will move into the decision making stage. This will happen in two ways:


Community Hub grants Decision-making through collective voting 

Funding decisions will be made through a collective voting process, which is anonymous. If you apply and your project is eligible, you will be asked to participate in collective voting. This means everyone helps decide which projects get funding. Individuals are unable to vote for their own projects. Other community representatives within Just FACT will also be given a vote; this includes representatives from existing funded projects and the Blueprint Architect group. 

Community Lab grants Decision-making through a community-led panel

Funding decisions will be made by the Just FACT grants panel. The panel will include 4 community representatives and 3 other partners (eg. representatives from the Council, local housing associations, Sustain – the alliance for food and farming). The panel will be chaired by a member of the Wen, who will not participate in decision-making.


If you have any questions about the grant making approach in Just FACT do get in touch at [email protected]


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